Docuparser 6.4.3 Known Issue Work-Around

Also available in the AIM User Group, this document provides a work-around for two known issues with the AIM Docucorp Parser.


Custom Expression Training Package - Report Manager

This zip folder contains a cheat sheet of the most commonly used custom expression syntax for enhancing your report manager results with examples and screenshots.  Also included are two sample reports that use each of the depicted custom expressions in context so you can see how the data results are affected by each function.  A read-me file helps you import the two sample reports if you are not aware of how to import a report.


Top Ten Tips to Improve AIM Performance

Tips submitted by Vertafore support and training perssonnell as well as power-users.  These tips range from database performance to DMU settings for peak performance or power-user tips.


Certificate Workflow for AIM Version 6.4.3

Workflow document describing the certificate process which changed in the 6.x versions of AIM.


AIM Upgrade Test Checklist

Checklist of menu items and features that should be tested prior to releasing any new AIM Version to production.


Ten Steps to Upgrade AIM (whitepaper)

White paper outlining some best practices for the AIM upgrade process.

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