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Completed Projects:

  • Real time web service integration of answers to over 400 online application questions to Vertafore's AIM agency management system (press release)
  • Oracle Documaker library maintenance and custom form development for Lloyd's contract
  • Lloyd's ER3001 bordereaux reports from Vertafore's AIM agency management system.
  • Equipment breakdown bordereaux report, location specific
  • Docuparser integration services for documaker policy issuance to the AIM agency management system
  • Earned premium against claims for a given period
  • Production against hit ratio for a given period (with caveats)
  • Surplus lines tax reports and upload files for a number of states
  • Automate and schedule crystal reports delivery for hands-free bursting and emailing on a regular periodic basis.
  • Database modeling for online insurance rating programs
  • AMS Rackley configuration, integration, training and support
  • Oracle Documaker library automation using DAL scripting
  • Docucorp Automated Language (DAL) programmer
  • Project manager & analyst for online transportation rating program
  • System architect, analyst & project manager for desktop executable transportation rating program with total integration with the Vertafore AIM agency management system
  • Overhaul of online contractor rating program
  • Analyst for online contractor rating program based on factored ISO rating model and ISO rating tables
  • System architect of online application for professional lines
  • Integration of Microsoft Access in-house access policy management and issuance program with Vertafore AIM for flow-through processing.
  • Consult on and reconcile database and configuration issues for Vertafore's AIM agency management system
  • Variety of tricked out excel sheets that could cook your breakfast
  • Staff training and end-user documentation

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