If a vended system doesn't meet your specific requirements, Lucitech ensures your custom requirements are developed right! Don't risk your project to anyone else!



Lucitech shares our vast experience and creative passion for insurance development to provide your application a stable platform with intuitive workflows designed to flow right into your other automation solutions.

Don't risk your custom insurance programming project with any other developer, especially if you are an AIM shop!  No other third party developer has the the Vertafore related brain-trust available to Lucitech!

Reduce the stress and avoid the errors that can occur when you and your developer don't share the same insurance background or understand the same systems. 

We have sat in the underwriter's chair.  We've had to review and rate countless applications each week. We understand the frustration of incomplete submissions.  We've laboriously entered the same information into disparate systems that don't share data. We have had to file the paper....

Lucitech understands insurance workflows and we design and develop efficient and intuitive insurance systems.

You will be proud to employ American developers, analysts and support technicians when you contract with Lucitech for your insurance programming! Lucitech has never outsourced American jobs!

When our client's or third party vendor's teams find themselves lacking valuable AIM or insurance specific knowlege, Lucitech is equally proud to provide vendor nuetral integration and analyst services to teams from all over the globe. Lucitech has the agility to accomodate the time changes and other challenges to working with global teams.


Lucitech has never subcontracted American jobs overseas.