MGA's require agile systems with stable technology and reliable connectivity in order to meet their goals of automating the insurance policy lifecycle. With a number of vended policy issuance systems and many carrier and MGA proprietary and custom policy issuance systems, automated policy issuance may seem like a distant dream. 

Lucitech can help MGA's and small carriers with Oracle or Vertafore policy issuance products. We understand the importance duplicating policy and regulatory forms exactly down to the font.

How are you currently managing your custom libraries? Are you piecing policies together in Word or Access? We can convert these to Documaker and integrate the library to AIM for you and manage the library thereafter or simply adopt management of an existing library. Or, are you investing in a VPI Library and seek someone to provide professional library management services after the build? 

We've been managing Documaker libraries for decades in MGA environments. We also have Vertafore vendor training authoring a Lloyd's library with the VPI Policy Issuance product. In addition to these two most commonly deployed vended PI prodcuts, Lucitech has heped MGA's integrate their own Microsoft Office platform policy libraries to AIM for policy data import.