Lucitech knows about web services!  We use web service technology in our Lucitech PDF Application Integrator to help your agents transfer PDF data to your underwriters, then your underwriters to upload the PDF data to AIM. 

The custom processes developed by Infinity Sofware being implemented by so many surplus lines offices optionally includes web service data transfer in certain states and Lucitech is prepared to meet that need with Lucitech Surplus Lines Automation.

The Lucitech Executioner can also be customized to give and receive web service calls.

Lucitech has also built custom AIM web services to drive custom online application data transfer real time from your agent to your AIM and at the same time to your carrier!

While the surplus lines industry is still just a little behind the web service curve set by standard carriers in preferred markets, Lucitech can provide you a lean web service architecture for your custom projects and carrier integrations to facilitate the data transfer to and from your AIM agency management system.

Saving keystrokes and real-time data transfer - this is the allure of the future powered by web service and cloud computing. Lucitech is poised to take you into the future!