Acord XML Mapping


Does your integration require mapping to Acord StandardsAt Lucitech you find analysts with real MGA underwriting experience. When we look at the Acord standards, we can envision the applications from which the XML was derived.  We know where in AIM that data is stored and we know how to map any Acord data to and from AIM.

Is there not a place in AIM to store that data?  Don't listen to other vendors who claim that they hold the only key to AIM integration, but then tell you there isn't a place to store something in AIM. Vertafore's AIM contains vastly complex customization features that allow you to store a great deal more data than you might realize. There is MUCH more to AIM than meets the eye.

Let Lucitech's experts tell YOU where the data needs to go in AIM and save you the headache of doing your own complex data mapping for another vendor with less familiarity with your primary master database.

If Acord Standards are a part of your project, contact Lucitech!  Our developers have decades of experience developing for the insurance industry and we can build to Acord Standards, including new ER3001 Acord Bordereaux Risk Reporting Standards.